Tuesday 22 May 2018
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Policies and Procedures for Health & Social Care Services

CQC compliance for Residential or Community Based Services

W&P Assessment and Training Centre have released policies and procedure sets for a Residential and Community Based Services.

Comprehensive and Professional Documentation


•   The policies and procedures are cross checked to other legislative requirements eg Data Protection Act, Immigration and Asylum Act, Disability Discrimination Act.

•   A comprehensive manager's notes section is included detailing how to use the policies, which pages need the purchaser's company details inserted and where to change them.

•   The policies and procedures are set out in alphabetical order for ease of use and ordering.

•   They are in word format, making them accessible, easy to review and update each year.

•   A year of free updates (worth £49.99) is included with the policies and procedures.

•   Updates will emailed to you directly as legislation or guidance requires.

•   They are simple to personalise by following the comprehensive Managers Notes.

View examples of our Policies and Procedures

Examples of our community based and residential policies and procedures can be viewed on our website at http://www.wandptraining.co.uk/policies_and_procedures.php


Tried and Tested Policies and Procedures

Please take a minute to read the feedback received from Debbie Davies at First Choice Community Support Services.

W&Ps Care Policies and Procedures have saved me a vast amount of time and money. They have proven to be a sound investment and have ensured that our company is in a very strong position with regard to immediate compliance with the new CQC outcomes and regulations.

I have received positive feedback from the local authorities we contract with on the quality of the content within the policies and procedures.

Margaret Ross-Sands is a very knowledgeable person on care matters and has been most helpful in assisting me with any changes that I required to ensure that the policies and procedures fitted in with First Choice's existing ways of working. I receive regular updates from Margaret and have been genuinely impressed with the professionalism of W&P.

I also purchased the complete set of
Medicine Management forms. I cannot praise W&P enough for the quality of this comprehensive set of forms. Administration of medication in the community requires strict management to reduce the risk of errors. The feedback from care staff has been very good. They find the procedures easy to follow and this inevitably leads to fewer medication errors.

I highly recommend W&P to any care company, large or small. I doubt if you will find a better partner to assist in the minefield that is CQC compliance.

Debbie Davies


For further information contact W&P Assessment and Training Centre on 01305 767104 or visit www.wandptraining.co.uk


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